Research and Development Initiatives and their impact on enhancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of scientific research in Saudi Universities and their contribution to economic development
King Khalid University, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This conference is an extension of the International Collaboration Conference for research and development (R&D), which was organized by the Ministry of Education in Riyadh during 23-24 April 2018. The conference has resulted in launching the 'International Cooperation Initiative' program to establish fruitful partnerships in R&D between researchers in Saudi universities and international researchers. The purpose behind is enhancing the international colaboration and supporting research following the priorities of the Saudi Vision 2030.
The aims of the current conference are to highlight the reality of R&D at Saudi universities, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in R&D at Saudi universities, and to propose appropriate ways to develop R&D strategies for enhancing its quality and efficiency for economical benefits in the public and private sectors.